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„I am a forest child looks at me. It has earth on me.“
Summer party on Saturday, August 25, 2018

This song was written especially for all forest kindergartens this year and we sing it almost every day. Because now there is our forest kindergarten for 25 years and this year the 1st international day of the forest kindergartens was celebrated on 03 May even worldwide.

This year we would like to celebrate with all former, current and future Waldkindergarten children, their families and all companions of the Waldkindergarten and express our gratitude for all the great experiences together with a big party.

We will celebrate on Saturday, August 25, 2018 from 12 pm on the playground in Marienhölzung, Flensburg. From 18.00 clock still plays the live band "Soulfood" and everyone who feels like it, may end the day with us.

We look forward to a reunion, an exchange and a few happy hours !

"The children inspire me daily. The contact with nature is a basic need for them."
Petra Jäger
"I enjoy accompanying the children as they learn from nature for life."
Tim Murmann

A day in the forest kindergarten

Experiencing nature, going on little adventure trips every day - the Flensburg Forest Kindergarten offers children the opportunity to get to know nature in all its uniqueness. At the Waldkindergarten, no two days are the same.

To learn what a day in the forest kindergarten looks like, click here:

Time and tranquility in the forest as a counterbalance to everyday life
Learning with the senses, not only with the head
Imagination and creativity: designing with nature
For bad weather there are good clothes

We are here for you

In the forest kindergarten, several trained educators accompany the group, so that intensive pedagogical support is possible. We are supported two to three times a week by a remedial teacher. In addition, kindergarten trainees assist us several times a year.

And another pedagogical companion whose effect should not be underestimated: nature.

Educator / Co-founder
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Our forest kindergarten

Grasping with nature

Play, fun and learning - in the forest kindergarten in Flensburg, children can discover the diversity of nature and test their own limits. They explore the environment and experience small and large adventures in the group.

Storytelling and singing are also part of the forest kindergarten's daily routine, which always varies. At the same time, the children are out in the fresh air. No doors, no walls, no noise, no sensory overload - in the great outdoors, children find everything they need to promote their holistic development. In case of bad weather, we have a warm hut at our disposal.

The forest kindergarten in Flensburg was founded in 1993. The origin of the concept comes from Denmark. During their visits to the area in the early 1990s, the founders were already convinced that the natural environment has a positive effect on the healthy development and well-being of the children. The daily work in the forest kindergarten not only enriches the children, but is also a positive experience for us as educators.

We look back with pride on the last 25 years of Waldkindergarten and look forward to many more!


The forest kindergarten is open from 08:30 to 13:00. Afternoon care by a childminder is being planned. Currently, the parents of the children also support each other with the care in the afternoon.

Please contact us if you need assistance with the care of your child. Together we will find a solution.

You can register your child online via the contact form or via the Kita database in Flensburg.

The monthly fee is aligned with that of the municipal kindergartens, currently 138 euros per month. It is possible to apply to the city of Flensburg for a reduction. If necessary, the Waldkindergarten subsidizes the weatherproof clothing that the children need for playing and learning in the great outdoors. These funds are provided twice a year.

The group is very much in the great outdoors. However, the educators from the Forest Kindergarten in Flensburg are well prepared for any weather situation.

Storm: The parents of the children receive a storm list from us at the beginning of the kindergarten year. If it is stormy outside, we consult before the kindergarten opens to see if the weather permits meeting at the playground. If this is not possible, the first parents on the storm list will be called. We will then meet at our hut in the garden colony "Silent Love". If the weather changes in the middle of the forest, we can also easily reach the hut.

Thunderstorms: If a thunderstorm arrives before kindergarten begins, the same notification applies as in the case of a storm. We will then meet at the hut, which is secured with a lightning conductor. If a thunderstorm is approaching in the morning, we go - depending on the location - to the hut or to the playground, where our cars provide safe shelter for the group.

Wintertime: In case of longer lasting frost the meeting point is at the playground. Our path then leads us to the hut, as exercise is important even in cold weather and we get warm while walking. In the hut there is a fireplace, which is heated in the morning. The temperature is comfortable, so the children can take off their hats, gloves and jackets. After breakfast we go out into nature.

The two educators Petra Jäger and Kerstin Jebsen founded the Waldkindergarten Flensburg e. V. in 1991. They were already interested in alternative kindergarten pedagogy during their training at the kindergarten school in Flensburg. Through an article in a magazine they became aware of the forest kindergarten and were enthusiastic about the concept. Visits to forest kindergartens in Denmark convinced them of the healthy effect of nature on the personal development and well-being of the children. This was followed by visits to the authorities in Flensburg and further organizational measures until the forest kindergarten was finally opened in 1993.

The concept of the forest kindergarten in Flensburg is based on the one in Denmark, which has existed there for over 20 years. The difference is that here there is a hut as a possible place of retreat.

The aim of the Waldkindergarten is to give the children the opportunity to develop neglected areas of their personality. This is important for them to be able to cope with the many demands of society.

Opportunities of the forest kindergarten:

  • Acting out the child's urge to move in the great outdoors
  • Strengthening of physical-mental health and the immune system through up to 5 hours a day in the fresh air
  • Increase in safety and self-confidence, for example by climbing a lookout tower
  • Possibilities for development and experience through "free play", among other things easier testing of inner limits without spatial restrictions
  • Perceiving silence (inner peace, ability to concentrate)
  • Comprehension and direct experience of nature
  • Increasing self-esteem and emotional stability by experiencing with all senses
  • Recognizing the meaning and necessity of rules and limits
  • Coping with conflict situations, space for acting out children's aggression in an appropriate way, for example hitting a tree stump with a stick
  • Discovering the environment and acting out the desire for adventure in the forest (protected space, security, safety)
  • Well-being and curiosity as the best motor for learning

Our team of the forest kindergarten in Flensburg has already given support and suggestions for the planning as well as the foundation of a nature kindergarten during numerous visits abroad and trainings in Flensburg - this is how a concept goes around the world.

The development discussions with the parents take place regularly - gladly in the forest and in case of bad weather in our hut. In addition, we hold parent evenings. After the start of the forest kindergarten, we also make a home visit.

Selected speakers give lectures at regular intervals on specific topics such as sibling quarrels, grief in children, and rules and boundaries, which you are welcome to attend.

Our team keeps in touch with forest kindergartens all over the world and maintains a lively exchange. We also have two partner kindergartens in South Korea and Italy.

Our educators carry the concept of the forest kindergarten out into the world through regular presentations and workshops abroad. In this way, we spread this unique, valuable idea, of which we are wholeheartedly convinced and which we live every day anew.